Monthly Archives: February 2012

This week, for our midterms we are working on building a full working website from scratch using nothing but code and a handful of pictures. while a little tricky, learning how the box model works make building a page much easier. Due Thursday as well as an in class written exam where we must build a website from scratch on paper to the prof’s specifications. 


Last Thursday was an open lab so people that wanted could spend time designing some pages using the box model. Then on Tuesday the university campus was closed for presidents’ day.

We started working with Dreamweaver without using Photoshop. Working back and forth between CSS and HTML we started exploring the “Box Model” which seems to be the basis of website design. A lot of code to try to remember, but with all the repetition it should make it a bit easier. 

We started learning how to incorporate CSS into web design. While there is a lot to remember, it looks like once I learn it, it will become a powerful tool. For the project I'm trying to redesign the website for my brother's restaurant, though I am coming across a few hiccups.