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site is up. pretty exciting!

TScala Design 


The Wacom Tablet is a wonderful tool that every designer should at least experience the joy of working with, sooner than later. It allows the designer to interact with the screen on a more primitive level, nearly to the feeling of working with pen and paper, and is much more natural and responsive than working with a mouse or even a touch screen. Don’t get me wrong, holding a pen in your hand is great for roughing out ideas quickly and efficiently, you don’t have to think about how it works and you can get your thoughts down in a semi-permanent material but then getting it onto the screen can leave results that are less than desired.

Without one, my personal portfolio site would never have been able to look or feel the way it does.


with the semester winding down, final projects in all classes are becoming due. in web, our personal portfolio site should be nearing completion, in type 2 our type specimen book needs to be wrapping up. in pro photo a plethora of photos are due now then some more are due next week. it’s a stressful time for students right now, but in a few weeks it will all be over.

Many of the projects for the Collider4 Exhibition are on display at the Emily Davis Gallery in Folk Hall, but there are some that are found at the Honors College and at Bierce Library. One of the projects found at Bierce Library in the Emerging Technologies Lab is Eunsu Kang’s Membranes. Membranes uses the Xbox Kinnect sensor, a projector and sound to create a sort of watery space. From a distance the the screen is still and quiet. When the sensor picks you up at a distance it starts making soft ocean sounds and ripples around your projected image. When the viewer moves closer still the sound and waves becomes more intense. The sound turns from a soft rippling sound to a heavy waves crashing sound, the image also turns into a more dramatic energy around the person interacting with the piece.

There is also a third area between the two larger areas, but it is very small and difficult to activate.

It’s nice to have this exhibit in an area away from the art school in the school’s main library where students of other majors can experience it without having to leave the comfort of their everyday activities, so people with a different mindset can experience it with a different point of view.